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SHD Health Check

If you buying, selling or renovating a property it pays to know of any underlying problems you may come up against.

SHD Property Care will:

Detecting - treating - preventing

Detection - Treatment - Prevention

dry rot

We have been identifying and eradicating woodworm (Anobium Punctatum), dry rot (True Dry Rot Fungus Serpula Lacymans) and wet rot (Wet Rot Fungus Conionphora Puteana) and rising dampness since 1978 making us one of the longest established independent property care specialists working throughout South West Scotland.

We are members of the PCA (Property Care Association) which is a division of the BWPDA (British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association) and member of the GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance) and are able to offer an insured guarantee to back up our won long term guarantee.

Our high standard of work ranges from small timber treatments of roof voids, floors etc to extensive damp and decay eradication in both domestic and commercial properties.

wet rot

We are local authority approved contractors and also work as main contractors and sub-contractors to larger companies.

All of our services and provided and managed with a personal and professional approach which gives our clients the reassurance and peace of mind that they have chosen a company who will be around for the duration of their guarantee and who are committed to getting it right first time!